About Us

mukesh vyas pro pic

Long after everything is forgotten, a photograph revives the precious memories. As wisely said, the camera sees more than the eye, so why not use it?

Studio Snapster is a team of exuberant photographers and videographers who have found the expressions of their heart and mind in the pictures they carve through their lenses. Lead by Mukesh Vyas, who learnt from the Italian Institute of Photography, Milan, we have an off-the-wall colorful photo studio in Raipur, India.

Mukesh Vyas, who began his work three years ago with a fascination for wedding photography has come a long way after doing many wedding shoots in India and abroad.

Though specializing in wedding photography, we have a thing for all forms of photography. While we deliver the best in portrait photography.

The new concept of industrial photography is also well embraced by us and we leave no stone unturned in cinematography and other work extensions like photo albums, kid's photography and international shoots.

We also give young amateur photographers a chance to hone their photography skills with our extensive local and international photography workshop, where Mukesh Vyas teams up with the best photographers across the world to lead you through the most creative imagery.

So, for us its all about turning reality into imaginary things with the art of photography. Join the league of living your dreams in the pictures by being a part of our journey!