Q1. Where are you based?

A. We are Mumbai & Raipur based but love to travel anywhere in India or abroad. We’ve covered weddings in Greece, Switzerland, Italy & Thailand.

Q2. How much time it takes to deliver the product?

A. We take approx 90 days to deliver the products. We believe in providing the best to you, so only it takes more time in post-production of photos & videos.

Q3. What is the length of the film?

A. For a 3-days wedding, we provide a 30min cinematic video or 4hrs regular video & 3-4 min trailer. If you have any specific requirement then please tell us beforehand.

Q4. Are the photographs watermarked?

A. Yes, we have our photos watermarked. Though it is just a small one & does not mess with the essence of the picture.

Q5. Do you edit all your photographs & what is the number of photographs we get?

A. Yes, we select the best of the pictures from raw footages. We minutely edit each of your photographs to ensure the perfection. Approximately 800-1200 pictures for a function (depends upon the gathering of the function). Other than that it depends on the wedding.

Q6. We want to feature your work. How do we contact you?

A. You can contact us on info.studiosnapster@gmail.com .

Q7. How much do you charge?

A. Solely depends upon the wedding.

Q8.What is your team size?

A. It depends upon the wedding crowd but normally 6-12 people.

Q9. Can I get raw footages too?

A. No, we do not provide any raw footage.

Q10. Do you work well with other team?

A. NO!! We only work with our team & prefer it that way.

Q11. Do you provide only one photographer for the candid photography in a wedding?

A. Yes, We do. Mukesh loves to do candid photographs. You can contact us & book him for the wedding candid photographs .He would very happily attend your wedding & capture the moments for you.