Raghu & Jasleen

Every time one thinks of Punjabi weddings, in comes the image of happy, cheerful faces, dressed in jazzy attire, breaking into a jig to a loud song and dance sequence. Set in an extravagant backdrop, the image is nothing short of a happy joy ride, perhaps a larger than life scene from Karan Johar’s filmi way of celebrating weddings on celluloid.

And it is, whether it is the gala wedding backdrop, the labeled fashion couture of the bride and groom, the fanfare, merrymaking, the vast array of food, and not to mention, the rituals, everything takes place on a grand scale.
The Punjabi wedding rituals are not just elaborate, but also vibrant. Let’s take a look at some of the pictures of Raghu & Jasleen wedding, but in monochrome !!!!!

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